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PETLIBRO Premium 6L Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder

PETLIBRO Premium 6L Capacity Automatic Pet Feeder

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  • Right Portions at the Right Time: PETLIBRO automatic dog feeder up to 6 meals daily with 1-50 portions(15ml each), Large food tank with 6L capacity. Equipped with anti-stuck function, no more pre-dawn wake up calls, or worry when travelling
  • Easy-to-Read LCD Panel: Program the feeding on the LCD panel with detailed instructions; Clear LED indication let you know every status of the auto cat feeder, the built-in infrared sensor can easily tell you the situation of insufficient food or stuck
  • Secure Twist-Lock Storage: PETLIBRO automatic pet feeder stores the right amount of food (dry kibbles sized 0.07-0.6in / 2-15mm in diameter) for your pet with a twist-lock lid to keep dry food crunchy, flavorful, and secure from any poaches
  • Your Pet Always Gets Food: Auto cat feeder powered by a 5V DC adapter normally, with 3 alkaline D-cell batteries (NOT included) installed as backup power supply. This clog-free auto cat food dispenser with timer keeps your pet fed consistently
  • Personalized Recordings: PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder allows you to record a 10s message calling your pet to the bowl before meal time, keeping your fur friend fed regularly and feel safe & well cared

Product Description

1 Automatic Feeding 2 Feeding Schedule 3 Twist-Lock Design
1 Low Food Notification 2 Clear LCD Display 3 BPA-Free Materials 4 Hassle-Free Cleaning

When the feeder is running, the vanes of the rotor spins in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions at its upper and lower ends. This synchronized rotation can effectively avoid frequent food jamming problems.

Please note: This product is not suitable for wet food or large dry food (with a diameter of 15mm or above). Please refer to the user manual for guidance on using appropriate food to ensure the normal operation of the feeder and the dietary health of your pet.

Dual Power Supply: Powered by a USB-C adapter and keep in low energy consumption.

Dual Power Supply: 3 D alkaline batteries (not included) for backup when power cuts, giving you peace of mind when feeding your furry friend.

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