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Perpetual Marble Machine

Perpetual Marble Machine

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Marble Perpetual Machine is a very unique, one of a kind toy/decor gadget.

Amaze your friends and make them scratch their heads with this clever toys. Every one will love it. his kinetic toy is a classic desk accessory, a dynamic art. This cool tabletop toy will be a focal point when you keep it on your desk or home desk. Use it to kill time, relieve stress, call out boring colleagues, or teach young people about physics.

The Wooden parts are made of very high quality wood, The wire is made from Stainless steel, It's built sturdily.

Product Description:

- Material: the Wooden parts are made of Doussie (very high quality wood). The wire is made from Stainless steel.

- Dimension: 7in*7in*4in/17cm*17cm*10cm (LxHxW)

- This product is powered by electromagnetic

- USB powered

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